Welcome to┬áthe home of technology exploits, always bring the newest available exploits in regards to technology. Follow us over the new few weeks as we indulge in ways to save money, time and resources using some simple exploits. We also largely feature games and game exploits as a vast majority of online users play some form of game! Tech exploits is newly founded and we have covered 20+ games so far, Racing rivals, moviestar planet, boom beach, shadow fight 2, that’s just to name a few. Many more will be coming in short order!


Here at techexploits most of our projects are for educational use, some may not be fully functional and we cannot be held responsible for any issues you may get yourself into with the data provided here! Strictly for personal use not in a destructive way but rather in a way to entertain one’s self. We disregard ourselves from any legal issues you run into for being stupid and exploiting an exploit to the fullest or making it large scale as if you are trying to be a world dominator.


All of our exploits will be online based and as such you should encounter no issues of viruses, no spyware, no trojans, no executable files. The only thing we’ll offer as a download is text files with information within them anything other than a text file is not property of techexploits. Furthermore if you didn’t download it from we refuse to be responsible!


Before you browse and join the world of exploits you should take a quick course in anti-viruses or obtain your very own just incase you run into any issues to keep your compute and information safe! We welcome you to techExploits and hope you enjoy your stay here completely as a new addition to the family!

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