Kiddo ABC – Alphabet and Words Learning Skill

KIddo ABC is an Alexa enabled English alphabets learning game for kids

Kiddo ABC is a fun based alphabet learning and vocabulary building skill. The game teaches the new words to kids in increasing order of complexity i.e. starting with simpler words. Game is adaptive in nature i.e. it remembers the words that kids have already used; using that memory game encourages the kids to learn new words instead of repeating the old words again. Also in learn mode game ensures that kids are taught new words instead of the words that they have already used. At the start of the game, child is informed of the total number of unique words spoken by the child and also the child’s rank in the game including the performance of all children. The more unique words the child speaks the more the ranking of the child improves. Rank 1 is the best rank , greater the number of rank lower is the ranking and performance of child. Find more details here.

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